Does your view of Jesus change around Easter?

It seems without exception that every time this season (Easter) comes around, my mind begins swirling with various images of Jesus and the cross.  From bloody crucifixion scenes, to the joyful triumphal entry, to the sober last supper, and to the victorious morning of the resurrection.  No one can escape these images and yet everyone needs to deal with them.

Our church is presenting a two part presentation on the life and death of Jesus for Palm Sunday and Easter weekend.  I had the opportunity this time to be involved in some of the writing of music and dramatical scenes.  I participated in creating an image of Jesus that many will see and experience for the next two weekends.  Did my efforts help?  Did my work take away from my Lord?  Those questions are not easily answered.

The outcome, hopefully, will be people confronting a Risen Savior and dealing with questions that only God’s word can answer.  May God move upon us.

 For information on the presentations, see


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