Thanks for the Support

We appreciate everyone who has written or called over the last 24 hours.  It is great to know we are loved by so many friends and family members. 
(This picture was taken a year ago.  We got to get some new pics of the family.)


8 thoughts on “Thanks for the Support

  1. Hi Shane, Jennifer, and Isaac. Congrats on the new baby! I’m not a blogger, but I wanted to say Hello and God Bless You! I’m so happy for you guys.

  2. Congrats and Prayers!
    Shane you have a beautiful family and they are blessed to have your leadership and love. I’m blessed to be your piano student!!!
    Loooking forward to see all that God will do in your life.
    PS–This is my 1st blog, Shane! Can you believe it?!

  3. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you two! This is great news- you all are fantastic parents for Isaac and will be for the next as well! Blessings and love to you both!
    Heather Rice

  4. I disagree Shane, I think this one is a girl! :o)
    I am so excited for your family, and can’t wait to meet he/she baby Garrison!
    Don’t blog yet, but hopefully I will after my big I.T. class this summer!!
    Let me know if you all need anything….
    Love you guys,

  5. Shane,

    You do not know me but I finished the Ed.D. last May. Every so often I will return to the page just to be thankful that I am done. Congrats on your big news. Your latest blog did catch my eyes because the 1 in four chances that you are praying for now is my four year old son Haddon. CF is the most unfair thing I have ever heard of BUT there is so much going in the right direction now it would make you head spin. Our son is doing great. I personally know many people with the illness that are way older than the “average life span.” It is now offically 36 there is a man in our town that is 54. I met a 40 year old last night. We know an interior desgner in Atlanta that is 36 adn happliy married with two children. There is no reason to think that my son will not live a loooonnnnggg and healthy life. Be encouraged. Hug your wife. Get your stats right (they tend to care more for numbers in the defense than they do of what you actually did). And know that CF, cancer or hurricanes are really no big deal for our Gracious God. Haddon has lived more of a life than most people 8 times his age. And if nothing else he reminds his parents daily that no matter what – we are Gen. 1 people living in a Gen. 3 world and our great God has already healed him – no matter what the x-rays say. Take it in stride with hope. I truly will pray for a healthy life for my son but not at the expense of a holy life. I will committ to pray for your family as you approach the blessed event fo welcoming your new baby!! God Bless.

  6. Shane and Jennifer,
    What wonderful news! You are great parents and I am happy to know you will be blessing the world with another little Garrison! May morning (all day..) sickness pass quickly!!

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