Your Radio vs. Your Church


I was teaching a class called Foundations in our church last Sunday.  Foundations is for new believers or those wanting to join as members.  We were in a discussion on worship, worship styles, personal preferences, likes/dislikes. (Dangerous topic among church folks I know, but I survived.)

I asked this question to the 16 people in the room, “What radio station do you listen to the most?”

Here are the results as best I can remember:
3 said Country
3 said Talk Radio/NPR/Sports Talk
5 said Contemporary Christian (K-Love)
1 said Oldies
1 said Hip-Hop
0 said Classical and 0 said rock-n-roll.

So here is my observation.  The music styles and formats offered in your church should reflect the musical preferences of the congregation and community in which you serve…right?  According to this informal survey, our church should be doing Country Western songs and Christian radio hits, along with a talkradio sermon and an occasional “old” song written in the 50’s or 60’s.  If you wanted to throw in an intepretative dance to a Kirk Franklin song, you would be ok.

How have the worship wars been fought?  Contemporary vs. traditional.  Liturigal vs. free.  No one is discussing Country Western vs. Hip Hop.  But maybe they should because that is what their people listen to the other 6 DAYS of the WEEK.


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