Memorial Memories

As with all Memorial Days, Veteran Days, and Independence Days (known as the 4th of July), I reflect on those servicemen I know personally who have served our country in the military.  In their honor, I would like to list a few of their names.

Ivan Garrison (my grandfather – served in Korea)
Earl Hale (my father-n-law – served in Vietnam)
Jerry Delaney (personal friend – served in Vietnam)
Kenny Miller (personal friend)

Jameson Williams (hometown and college friend – presently serving)
Randy Lawson (friend – presently serving in Iraq)
Brandon Watts (former youth – presently serving in South Korea)

I could list so many others that I know by name or who are members of our church or are friends of friends.  Taking the time to remember their dedication and sacrifice in defending our country builds up a well of emotion inside.  Courage.  Honor.  Valor.  Sacrifice.  Protection.  We are all recipients of a great benefit because of men like these and many others.


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