My Favorite Week of the Summer


This week is our church’s VBS.  Every year at this time, I remember back to VBS 1987 in Lewisport, KY.  It was during that week that I gave my heart and life to Jesus.  It has been 20 years of following Jesus and learning what it means to be his disciple. 

I wish I could go back in the annuals of LifeWay’s VBS and see what my church used way back then.  I am sure the music was less interesting, the crafts more simple, and video was not even a question.  Yet the message of VBS doesn’t change.  The message of Jesus Christ coming to earth to die for you and me.  The best message we could ever tell a child.

For the second straight year at Main Street, I will be working with the 4 year olds.  Too much fun.  The most energetic and rambunctious group in the whole lot.  A bit young to understand the Good News, but we strive to offer them an experience at church that will plant a little seed in their hearts about the love of God in Christ Jesus.


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