Drop Off/Pick Up VBS Style

As part of this week’s Vacation Bible School, I have been dropping off four or five children each night on the mini-van.  These children are so excited after VBS.  They are singing the songs, showing off their crafts, and talking about the Bible story.  Each of the children are waiting anxiously for the mini-van to pick them up.  They stand on the corner in their western clothing and cowboy hats (western theme this year), counting the minutes till they get to church to hear the music and be loved on by their leaders.

As I have dropped off these kids each night, I look at their parents.  For them, VBS is a BREAK.  Free BABYSITTING.  A safe place with tons of fun for no cost.  Like a money-less Chuck E. Cheese.  Sure they wave and say “thank you” but this will be the only time these children are in church the whole year.  I would dare say these parents also attended VBS when they were kids.

It is a shame.  My life was changed during VBS 20 years ago.  I know some of these parents long for a change in their lives TODAY.


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