Sheep Herding

Today, I was privileged to preach God’s word at Main Street.  My sermon dealt with the highly difficult topic of eternal security or the “perseverance of the saints.”  We are spending the whole summer in deep theological and doctrinal topics.  It should be very fun.

The main portion of today’s message was found in John 10:19-31.  In this passage, Jesus describes HIS SHEEP.  He says HIS sheep hear His voice, are known by Him, and follow Him.  And for His sheep he will give the eternal life, they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of His hands.

What a promise?  What an offer to be one of His sheep?  To owned and possessed by the Savior.  To hear our Shepherd’s voice, to follow His lead, and to be known as one of His.  But stop there and you miss the absolutely amazing part.  The second part are the promises to the sheep.  Eternal life.  No death.  No possible way to ever be snatched out of Jesus’ hands.

I am still reeling over this very fact.  I am owned.  I am saved.  I am kept firmly in the pierced hands of Christ.



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