Main Street Edu. Ministry Transition #2

Welcome back to the 2nd of 5 blog posts concerning the Main Street Education Ministry.  Over the course of the next 6 months, we will transition several of our Education Ministry offerings and opportunities.

Today’s transition spotlight:

Transition #2 – Consoldiate Several On-Going Sunday Morning Classes

The explanation:
When we transitioned to 2 Bible Study/Worship hours back in April 2006, we had a very strategic and purposed goal in mind.  We wanted to encourage FAMILIES WORSHIPPING TOGETHER.  Don’t split the family up because their class is only offered once.  This strategy meant we had to offer duplicate classes for all existing Sunday morning Bible study classes.  So for example we offered a 1st Grade I & II, High School I & II, Life Lessons I & II and so on.  Basically, you could choose either worship hour (9:30 or 11) and find the class you previously attended when we only had 1 worship hour.

Three classes were not multiplied (the T.E.L., Wisdom Seekers & 6th Grade) and these classes had very specific reasons to be offered only once.  Even the members of these classes had plenty of options to choose from. 

The FAMILIES WORSHIPPING TOGETHER model created more space, opportunities for new teachers to be put into action, and offered our people more Bible study options and choices. 

 So 18 Months later, how are we doing?

The truth is that we are not doing the best.  The theory behind FAMILIES WORSHIPPING TOGETHER was right…in theory, but in practically, Sunday morning Bible study attendance has dropped off in the Adult department drastically.  The children are exploding and the youth are maintaining.  On any given Sunday in 2007, we have averaged the following breakdown of Adult, Youth, and Children in Sunday morning Bible Study:

80 Adults (all classes)
45 Youth (6th – 12th grade)
130 Children (birth through 5th grade)

This breakdown is simply not a good sign.  We must think differently about how we are doing Sunday morning Bible study.  The second transition planned for September 2007 is that we are going to consolidate several of the on-going Sunday morning adult and youth classes.  WE MUST KEEP 2 Worship hours, no question about it (…think of 130 kids in ONE hour….Yikes!…), but we can limit several of the on-going class options.  Our hope is that this will to create some energy, momentum, and cohension within the class.  Maybe with more people in a class, less choices, and more familiarity, we will see our attendance rise, especially in the Adult department. 

So here is pdf of the layout:


Consolidation – our Transition #2.

Transition #3 will be explained on Monday, July 2.


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