I am not a Simpson’s fan.  Never have been.  But I had a moment yesterday where the only appropriate words were “Doh!” 

I am heading to school next week and have been furiously working on all my assignments.  A presentation, a research project, and ONE 8-page paper on the theories of change.  I read the syllabus to say “ONE” 8-page paper.  I had nearly everything complete and was expecting my weekend to filled with family time and church.  I might even relax a bit before being gone for nearly 2 weeks.

Then about 3 o’clock on Thursday afternoon, one of my fellow classmates sends me an email asking for some help on his SECOND 8-page paper.  I began to reply back to him and ask why he was doing 2 papers when only one was required.  I thought he must be out of his mind.  But just before I hit “send” I opened up my syllabus just to check.  Guess what I discovered?  I was out of MY mind.  I am a total MORON!!!  “DOH!!!”  There were 2 8-page papers, not 1. 

I had totally misread the assignment list.  I hadn’t even started on the second paper.  I thought I was nearly finished.  I thought I was going to have a restful, homework-less weekend.  Not so now.  My stupidity could have cost me a letter grade and some embarrassing moments in front of my group.

“Uhhh, sir, I just thought there was a misprint in the syllabus…and my dog ate my paper.”

But all hope is not lost.  I got straight to the NKU library and set about getting this paper done.  I will be finished sometime on Friday.   Thanks Rob for sending me that email, otherwise, I would have been in serious trouble.


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