3 Movies, 3 Reviews

So far this summer I have been to three BIG summer movies:  Transformers, Ratatouee (sp?), and Harry Potter 5.  Here are my film reviews.

As a child Transformer junkie (toys, cartoons, early movies, clothing, etc), I was hooked when I saw the first trailer back in 2006.  There was no question I was going on opening night.  I did like the film, but I didn’t love it.  The special effects are some of the best ever in film history, but the story line was just not that great.  Michael Bay, the director, used his normal mix of corny humor and big action scenes to move the film along as he did in Independence Day with Will Smith.  But this time, the humor fell short with oversized robots.  I did love the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron though.

Isaac made his first “big boy” movie event to see a great story about a food-loving rat.  I really liked the film.  It made fun of the French people and stereotypes but in a way they would approve of.  Pixar is going way above and beyond what anyone thought could be done in computer animation.  Isaac liked watching the rats work in the kitchen but he didn’t like when the chefs tried to hurt Remi (the star rat).  It hurt his feelings to see the rat be attacked with frying pans and brooms.  [wagging his pointer finger] “Daddy, no.  Be nice” were his exact words.

Harry Potter 5
I am a self-confessed Potter junkie.  I didn’t live in a tent outside Barnes and Noble to buy the last book (I am too cheap, I will wait till it hits the public library), but I wanted to see the movie as soon as it came out.  I waited to go on my birthday (July 23–big 30) with Jennifer.  We liked the movie.  The Order of the Phoenix is by far the worst of the 6 books I’ve read, but it has a single purpose.  All no. 5 is supposed to do is setup 6 & 7, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.  Which it does well in the movie.  I am sure the last two films will be better because no. 5 was done well. 


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