The Treasure Principle Resources

This post is for the Bible Study Teachers at Main Street Church.

You all should know that during the month of October & November we are doing a special church-wide study called The Treasure Principle.  Most of you received your material at Saturday’s Bible study teacher training meeting.

In addition to the book, Bible study curriculum, articles, and brochures, I have found 4 sermons from the author of the book, Randy Alcorn.  These sermons are long (over 60 mintues), but they really help put the book and its principles into focus.  I tried burning them to a CD, but they are too big to fit on one.

So here they are for you to download and listen to you at your own convenience.  If you download these and then want to burn them on a CD, only burn one sermon at a time.  If you want to save them to your computer, right click on the link and select “save target as”.

randy-alcorn-sermon-1.mp3 (this is actually John Piper discussing the Treasure Principle, not Randy Alcorn.  My mistake.)

treasure-principle-1.mp3 by Randy Alcorn

treasure-principle-2.mp3 by Randy  Alcorn

treasure-principle-3.mp3 by Randy Alcorn


One thought on “The Treasure Principle Resources

  1. you should use the song “Treasure” by the Desperation Band as your theme song for this study! WOW! Our church LOVES this song! let me know if you want me to send you an MP3 of it.

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