Our Love of Animals


Leonna Hemsley’s dog was left 12 million dollars in an trust.  The dog is now being sued by the housekeeper for biting.  The housekeeper was some of the DOG’s money.

The Pet Industry in America is a 41 billion dollar a year business.  That is larger than some countries GDP.

States are now seeing law suits come to the legislature about pets not being allowed in restaurants.  Pet owners consider this discrimination.  Their pet is part of the family, like a child.  Why shouldn’t they be let in a restaurant.  “We let children in.”

Pet funerals are on the rise in funeral homes across the country.

Pets outnumber children in homes in Europe.

Does anyone else see the insanity in these trends?  I love animals.  I wish I had a dog in the backyard.  But haven’t we gone a bit overboard?


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