Whistle While You Work

Last night (9/20), I was minding my own business working in the Northern KY University library on some school work.  I had found a nice, quiet corner table between some shelving units and had been working away from about two hours. 

I had my ipod going strong with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (Fellowship, I think), when to my surprise two young ladies walk over to me, looking kind of shy.  I take out my ear buds and one of the ladies say, “Can you stop whistling?  We can hear you over there.”  She pointed over to the next section of the library floor.

Apparently, I was enjoying the music so much that I was whistling along…LOUDLY!  The girls had been sitting at least 100 feet away.  They said they had been looking all over that floor trying to find out where the noise was coming from.  The followed the noise to me.  I was quite embarrassed.

So I whistle…is that so wrong?  So I whistle loudly…annoyingly loud.  Am I such a nuances?  I guess I will keep my lips closed and my beautiful songbird whistle to myself at the library.  Their loss.

I thought everyone might enjoy my embarrassing moment.

One thought on “Whistle While You Work

  1. Brother, you are never a nuisance, although your endeavor may have a hidden nuance…lol. See, I knew I wasnt the only person that typed faster than their brain can process.

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