Duty to Donate

I was listening to an episode of the Albert Mohler radio show today while taking a walk with my boy.  The topic was organ donation.  The discussion was whether or not Christians are ethically and morally REQUIRED to offer their organs for donation when they die.  How should Christian persons view organ donation which now includes nearly every major organ and some not so major, like the corneas of your eyes?

Giving blood has always been a proper Christian response to tradegy or public need.  Giving money to families seeking an organ donation or who have outrageous medical bills is very regular.  But is giving your own organs a Christian imperative?

After hearing the debate on the radio show along with a couple extraordinary stories from call-in listeners, I came home and signed my organ donor card with my wife as the witness.  While I don’t believe it is a moral imperative for Christians, I do believe it is giving life to another soul.  What more can we do to emulate Christ than give part of our life for another.  I firmly believe I will be in the presence of the Lord when I die, if my human body can be used for good, so be it. 

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