SACS CASI Convention

3 days and 2 nights in sunny southern Florida…in December.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well the convention I attended was very helpful and worth the trip.  But being in the land of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy without my family did stink quite a bit. 

My hotel was right next to the Wet-n-Wild water park.  Can you believe the park was packed everyday?  Many holiday travelers from England and Scotland love to come to Orlando in December.  They fill the waterparks and swimming pools.  Now it was warm (mid-70’s to low 80’s), but not my kind of swimming weather.  But for them, it was hot and perfect.

On the conference side, I learned a ton on school accreditation and improvement.  My new role at church with the Christian Education Center will demand I have some training in school development.  I learned much.  Networked with other KY educators and had a pretty good time.

The only thing missing was my family and those must-have Mickey ears.


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