Too Basic

Jennifer has been purging our closets lately trying to thin things out.  We have gotten rid of baby clothes, maternity clothes, t-shirts, shoes, and things we don’t wear anymore.  She has been either donating the stuff to the CARE Ministry or selling them at a consignment shop. 

Well, I put together a box of button-down shirts and polos from my closet and took them over to sell.  Probably 10 shirts in all.  I dropped them off at the counter and the attendent said it take about 45 mintues to look them over and determine the resale value.  Then I could come back and collect my money.  So we left, did some shopping, had some Starbucks, and came back.

When I came in, they put the whole box of clothes right back in front of me.  I asked the worker, “Were these no good to sell?”  The girl’s response was hilarious.

“Sir, your clothes are too basic.  We can’t use them.” 

A used clothing shop that specializing in reselling USED clothing told me that my USED clothes were TOO BASIC!  How funny is that.

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