Partnerships that are “Domestic”

Have you ever walked through the grocery store and felt that everyone was staring at you?  You never see their eyes, but you know they are checking you out.  When you pass by, you get a second glance or a raised eye.  This happened to me on Friday.

My dear friend Brandon Carrier


came to stay with Jennifer and I for a couple days.  Friday was his 29th birthday and we were having a get-together that night with a bunch of college friends.  So on Friday, I had to get some errands done.  Most importantly, I needed to pick up the food at the grocery store.  Now Jennifer works on Friday, so I had both Isaac and Ethan with me.

So picture this:  Brandon and I are walking through Kroger pushing two grocery carts.  Mine had Isaac in the seat and Ethan in the basket.  Brandon was following behind me putting all the groceries in his cart.  We were obviously shopping together as he would talk with Isaac as I ran to grab an item. 

On the surface, it appeared that Brandon and I were domestic partners.  And I was definitely the girl, since I was pushing the cart with the children.  Even at the checkout line, the clerk was looking at us really funny.  It got a bit worse when Brandon and I argued over who was going to pay for the groceries.  It was like we were having a “quarrel.”

Just one of those funny occurrences that happen in the course of the day and you never really think about what others are thinking.

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