New Responsibilties in ’08

With life comes a lot of change.  During 2007, Jennifer ended her role as Executive Director at the CARE Ministry, we had our second son Ethan, and my job got completely shifted and reorganized at church.

Starting in 2008, I took the lead as the Christian Education Center Director.  Our church hosts a daycare, preschool and elementary school.   I am the new administrator of those programs.  Parents, teachers, school board, students, polices, procedures, and curriculum.  All very new, but very exciting.

I also swapped education roles with my senior pastor.  He is now working with the adult education and I am working with all the children’s programs.  Bed babies through 5th grade.  I got VBS, children’s camp, and the largest group of volunteers in the church.  Very cool since Jennifer and I have two sons in the children’s ministry.

With these new responsibilties, comes a new set of leaders to work with.  There are new challenges and I am starting to learn a whole new type of ministry.  I am sure that I will be learning the ropes in Christian school administration and children’s ministry for all of 2008.

 God guide me on this new path.

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