Topic Approved for My Dissertation

Good news, actually great news…the topic for my dissertation has been initially approved.  For those who care to know, I am working on my Doctorate in Education (Ed.D).  I finish the course work this semester and will take my comprehensive exams in 38 days.  Yikes!!!  But one huge stepping stone was hurdled this weekend.  The actual topic for my dissertation was approved by my adviser.

Before I give you the proposed title, I got to share that my first proposal was SHOT DOWN…”Shot down in the blaze of glory” Bon Jovi… Which means this is Plan B.  My first study was to look at Southern Baptist related colleges and try and find out what makes them stay SBC related schools.  This topic was deemed too risky, too political, and too far reaching for some grad student like me. 

So my second proposal won out.  Here is the working title:

Shared Governance and Perceived Institutional Power on the Southern Baptist Related College: A Replica Study of Gross and Grambsch 1971

I know, I know, you are dazzled by the fascinating and mind-boggling title.  I am sure you all want to read the first draft right off the presses.  But really, this kind of stuff really intrigues me.  On the Christian college campus, who makes the decisions?  Is it the President? The Trustees?  The Faculty?  The department deans who hire the faculty?  Could students actually have any input?  What about parents, aren’t they the consumer of the educational product?  What about the alumni or significant financial donors?  Could the federal government or state legislature have any part?  What about SBC denominational leaders?  Are they to have a say in what goes on in a “Baptist” school?

I think it is interesting.  Actually I am doing a replica study done in the late 1960’s on state schools.  My application will be for Christian colleges.  I wonder if there will be any differences.  My hypothesis is that the results will be the same.

If you want a copy of the proposal, just let me know.  You might need some help getting to sleep at night.

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