Reds Clergy Pass


This week I got my Reds Clergy Pass in the mail.  I have been trying to get this pass for four years.  But the pastor emeritus of our church, Rev. Calvin A. Perry, has beaten me every year.  Pastor Calvin was senior pastor of Main Street from 1967 to 1997.  He and I are great friends.  We each like to stay up on church politics and what is going on in our local association.  We serve on one of the NKBA committees together.  He is a real hoot.  One of those pastors who you know loves you, but loves the Lord more.  My kind of leader.

But back to the clergy pass, only one minister from a church can get the pass each year and Pastor Calvin has been sending in his request for nearly 40 years.  For four years, I sent my request in late and repeatedly got rejected.  O…but not this year…I beat my friend to the punch.  I sent my request in November.  He always sends his request in January.  So I was two months ahead of him.  And I won!  Yipe!

I do feel bad about getting the pass from such a long-time, respected pastor in our community.  But 40 years of getting the pass is a long time.  I think he wouldn’t mind sharing the wealth.  He is also a season ticket-holder.  Maybe we can go to a couple games together this season.  That would be too much fun.

To Pastor Calvin…Go Reds!!!

(For those reading this from Main Street.  Please don’t tell Pastor Calvin.  I want to surprise him myself.  This should be fun.)

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