Comps Complete

Finished my final comp yesterday morning.  Waited for the blizzard to ease off and drove home to my beautiful family.  Here was my final question.  It was based on my dissertation topic.

Shared governance is defined as the “process by which the university community respectfully shares responsibility for reaching collective decisions on matters of policy and procedure” (Birnbaum 1992, 106).  Multiple groups on campus share a small portion of the available institutional and decision making power.  Describe how institutional power is distributed amongst the various campus leadership groups?  What implications does this distribution have for institutions of Christian higher education?

3 thoughts on “Comps Complete

  1. When do the hard questions start?

    Dude, I don’t even understand the first sentences of most of these. “Shared governance”? Is that like a bicameral legislature? I’m pretty sure that this question has something to do with communism. And distribution? Did you use the word “disseminate” in your response? It’s important that you don’t disseminate without consent…I learned that watching a baseball game.

    Glad your finished.

  2. As evidence that I could never pass such a test, I stated in the previous comment “Glad your finished.” As in “Glad your finished cherry furniture didn’t get scratched.”

    What I should have said, and meant was, glad YOU’RE finished.

    I’m a goober.

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