A Baptist School & A 9/11 Terrorist

ksm2.jpgI checked out a National Geographic documentary on the 9/11 attacks yesterday at the library.  Jennifer and I were watching the first half last night which discussed the lead up to the actual 9/11 attacks.  I found out something I never knew.

The architect of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a student at Chowan University.  Chowan Univ. is a small Southern Baptist college in Murfreesboro, NC.  One of the world’s worst terrorists came to the US from Kuwait to attend a Christian university.  That is absolutely astonishing. 

The mission statement of Chowan is: To provide a caring environment characterized by Christian values and intellectual freedom in which students can gain the knowledge, skills, creativity, and ethical values they need to flourish in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse global society.  (Emphasis mine.)

Apparently while Mohammed was there, he and a few other Muslim students would gather in their dorm room to pray.  As it is custom, they removed their shoes and left them outside the room.  On a couple of occasions, fellow students of this Christian university stole their shoes and threw them in the campus lake.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s hatred for America stemmed from this mistreatment.

I am not trying to dog out Chowan Univ. or any of its students.  It is just a sad state of affairs when you consider the outcome of Mohammed’s life.  I am sure a few pairs of stolen shoes did not lead him to organize 9/11.  That kind of conclusion would be inappropriate and misguided.  But apparently, Christian hospitality, kindness, and care was not shown to this young man during his time in the US.

I graduated from a small Christian university in the south.  I studied, ate, and lived with many international students from all over the world.  (One semester I had a Brazilian and Romanian for roommates.)  I hope, and pray, I never mistreated any of them in any way. 

I hope that I had maturity to see them as people created in the image of God and guests in my country.  My hope is that they were shown the love of Christ, not the evils of men, during their time in a Christian institution.

 For more information on Mohammed, see http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/para/ksm.htm

5 thoughts on “A Baptist School & A 9/11 Terrorist

  1. I am a graduate of Chowan (’95). Chowan is a loosely religiously tied school. Trust me, there are alot of non Christian things going on there, like most colleges in America. But this is the first time I’ve read about ~how this man was treated while he was there.
    And it just helped the process of turning this young man against America.

    While I am a Christian, I treated any other person of any other faith with respect and dignity. Our country is founded on the principal of “Freedom of Religion”, and not “Freedom of Religion, just as long as it is Christianity”. While I’ll defend my faith until I am blue in the face, I won’t lift a grain of salt to harm you if you believe differently.

    “Knowledge” is not a great witness. Agape is. And if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was shown some more agape when he was a young man, the story may have been different for him. (Somehow, I still think the radicals would have found someone to organize the attacks).

    But we should remember this lesson when our islam-o-phobia kicks in. Christians are still called to agape Muslims. And not bash their heads in (like happened during the “Holy” Crusades).

  2. I was attending Chowan college when these [men] were on campus! They would look you in the face and tell you [blank] America, [blank] Jimmy Carter, All Americans are pigs and Dogs” As for the shoes that was nothing to what they deserved, we were told if you fought with one of the foreign students you would be federally prosecuted!!!

    Joey – I had to edit your post for language. Thanks, Shane

  3. I attended Chowan College while KSM was a student there. He was my math tutor the semester he attended. Oddly, I don’t remember there being a lake on campus for blatant disregard of shoes! However, there was a flight school nearby where he and his terrorist cronies learned to pilot aircraft. Don’t kid yourself that this guy sought out Christian hospitality in a strict Baptist college for his education and spiritual evolution.

  4. I was a freshmen at Chowan the same semester as KSM. I lived on the floor below him and many other middle-eastern students in Parker hall. I remember that all of the middle-eastern student kept to themselves and only ate foods they cooked in their rooms. I can still remember smelling the foods they cooked. To be honest, it probable wasn’t a bad idea to not eat in the D-Hall, the food was beyond horrible.

    I played racquetball three times a week while I was there. The courts had a glass back wall. Behind the wall the school had aerobics classes daily. Many of these Arabic students would line up and watch the female students do aerobics. These kids had never been around women dressed where they could see their bodies; this made a lot of the girls uncomfortable. I also saw many of the American students put porn mags in their dorm rooms to torment them. The Arabic students mostly came from wealthy families, and many of the Chowan students didn’t. This was a source of jealousy that caused conflict. Many of the American students were there because Chowan had no academic standards and that was the only school they could get in to (that’s why I was there). Less than 5% of Chowan students would go on to receive a 4 year degree, the Arabic students were there because you didn’t have to speak English and were working at a higher academic level. This also caused problems. Many of the Chowan student came from very sheltered backgrounds, the Arabic students came from a much different background…again, more problems.

    I do know that many of the American students who ended up with the Arabic students as roommates were less than happy because of their hygiene habits. The showers in each hall were communal, and the Arabic students never showered while others were around. In August in eastern NC it was very hot and very humid, not showering was an issue and causes many problems and conflicts.

    None of this is any kind of reason to commit the acts that occurred, this is just a glimpse of what was going on during this time in this place.

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