Finding Balance: Wife, Kids, Work, School, Faith, & Free Time

  • I mowed my yard yesterday and watched Lost and The Office last night.  Place that in Free Time.
  • Tonight we are taking the boys to the park to play on the playground and walk around.  Place that in Kids.
  • Tomorrow morning I will cook breakfast for my family.  Place that in Wife and Kids.
  • Tomorrow afternoon I will spend 6 hours in the library working on my dissertation.  Place that in School.
  • Sunday morning, teaching, worshipping, fellowshipping at Main Street.  Place that in Faith and Work.
  • Sunday afternoon, lunch with family and take a nap and then back to the library.  Place that in a mixture of Wife, Kids, Free Time and School.

Finding a proper balance is a constant struggle for me.  Finding peace knowing that you can never do everything, but still must be a good steward of your time, talents and treasures.  My family seems to always sacrifice for school.  Putting the boys to bed, helping with chores, having a late night dessert with my wife seem to get put on the back burner for higher priority things. 

How could there be anything with a higher priority than time spent with my beautiful wife and two glorious little boys.  Deadlines must be met.  Assignments must be completed.  Church people need my help.  Oh yeah, and I need to mow the yard…AGAIN. 

The reality is that we all must find a proper balance in our lives.  And in finding balance, there will always be somethings sacrificed so that others can receive the attention needed.

No great suggestions here.  No tips or good ideas.  Just live by this motto, “Do what you can, the best you can, and leave it at that.”



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