Another Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, for the majority of my life, has not been a very good day.  Mother’s Day church services always cause me pain and sorrow.  Not that I didn’t like women who were mothers.  I just didn’t have a mom around which caused much celebration. 

You see, I have a very estranged relationship with my mother.  I have not seen her since I was 12.  That has been a long time.  She has never met my wife face to face.  Never held either of my sons.  Was not at my wedding, graduations, or the births of my boys.  She lives in Florida.  I live in Kentucky.  We do talk on the phone very occassionally, but those conversations are more like talking to a distant Aunt or relative.

But God has worked in my life to give me other women to affectionally love as “Mom.”  My mother-in-law, Linda Hale, is a wonderful mom to me.  I even call her “Mom.”  She has embraced me as her very own son.  She would do anything for me and has blessed my life so much over the last six years Jennifer and I have been married.

Dianne Miller, a mother of one of my close friends from college and fellow member of Main Street, treats me like her own son.  She checks up on me all the time and acts as a Grammy to Isaac and Ethan.  She is always available if I need anything.  Every Mother’s Day she gives me a hug as a mother would, because she knows how hard those days are on my soul.  (I am sure I will get a hug on Sunday.)

But the one mother that I have learned more from than any other is my wife.  Not that she is a mom to me; she is my best friend, my love, my dear.  But seeing her care for my boys is the greatest picture of motherhood I have ever witnessed.  Her devotion to them is simply unbelievabe.  There are moments when I wonder “how does she know to do that” or “what book did she read that in” because her mothering is spectacular. 

I may not have had a perfect motherly example in my home as a child, but I have an amazing example in my home now.  Rose, Happy Mother’s Day.

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