Date with the Monks


Isaac, Shane and the Monks – St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy 2006

I was clearing out an old file on my computer today and stumbled upon this picture from two summers ago (2006).  I had just started my doctoral program.  Isaac was not even one yet and just learning to walk.  Jennifer and I headed off on our first international mission trip with a child in tow. 

Isaac did great.  He grew out of his only shoes we took on the trip.  On the last day in Italy, he and I cruised the Vatican together with our dear friend, Charlie Worthy.  In less than three hours we hit the Coloseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.  My little boy was riding in style.

The Garrison’s have been grounded since that trip.  No vacations.  No international travel.  No time away from school.  Plus we had Ethan over the last year. 

I remember vacations way back then.  Might be good to get another one in soon.


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