Mail-Order Chicks

I was mailing my prospectus off this morning at the local post office, when I overheard the man behind me tell the Postal worker, “I have some more chicks arriving next Monday.”

I thought to myself, did he just say he has “chicks” arriving.  Women or little chickens?  And why would they be coming to the post office?  I just had to ask.

“Sir, did you say that you have 100 chicks arriving here on Monday?  Can you really mail baby chickens?”

He then explained to me that he orders baby chickens from Texas and they are shipped ALIVE in a box with holes and food to him here in Northern KY.  A box holds about 25 chicks each and because they are all packed together, they stay warm.  He said he has never got a box with any chicks who didn’t make the journey (if you know what I mean).

I just thought it was weird that we can use the United States Postal Service to ship little animals from 800 miles away.  On second thought, there are such things as mail-order brides.  Maybe that is how you ship the other kinds of “chicks.”

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