Indiana Jones IV Review

Jennifer and I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a couple weeks ago (the only movie I have seen all summer).  I love Indiana Jones.  I mean I love it.  My fav has to be The Last Crusade.  “The penitent man will pass. Penitent. Penitent.”  I loved Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The melting German was perfection.  Temple of Doom stuggled but I still quote “Um Num Shadi, Um Num Shadi” when I stub my toe on something.  (Remember the scene where the man is being lowered into the fiery pit.)

This Indy was…not so good. 

The CG (Computer Generated) effects actually took away from the majestic art of movie-making seen in previous films.  Spielberg and Lucas had too much technology at their disposal and they used every piece of.  Lucas can pull that off in Star Wars in a galaxy far, far away.  But not in Indiana Jones, not set in the 1950’s, not when the weapon of choice is a whip, and definitely not when the central character wears a sweat-stained fedora.

The story line was interesting and some of the actions scenes were too much fun, but overall I felt the movie lacked depth.  The story of the father/son reunion did not work for me.  The Marion/Indy reunion did not work for me.  Just too much family drama.

A couple final observations.  Harrison Ford is a stud.  All men who see this movie want to be Harrison Ford when they grow up.  Cool job.  Cool adventures.  Always gets the girl.  Brilliant mind.  And as a 50 year old professor, he is cut. 

Finally, did aliens really need to be included in the Indiana Jones world?  Are their not enough buried archeological treasures in world history to make for a good story.  The aliens did not fit in this movie genre.

I give the film a C+.  Harrison Ford gets an A-.  Lucas and Spielberg get an Incomplete for not finishing the Indy series well.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones IV Review

  1. I totally agree that aliens should not defile the likes of any Indy movie. However, I am a bit shocked that YOU of all people would disapprove of this particular alien invasion. You, the one who is secretly obsessed with area 51, the one who made me drive all the way through the hot desert just to go see…what was the name of that dinky town?……the one who has an alien magnet souvenier on his own refridgerator even at this moment. Don’t pretend you didn’t like the aliens. I was there. I saw your eyes sparkle when the aliens appreared.

  2. Now that’s really funny – with Rose’s comments! More insight into the man.
    Seriously, I agree with you both about the Indy movie. I did think it was very good. The alien thing was a huge disappointment. I, on the other hand, liked the Indy/Marion reunion.

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