Prospectus Hearing & Defense

I got word yesterday that I have been APPROVED to defend my prospectus in the fall.  I am relieved to get this news. 

Basically, I go to Louisville and present my prospectus and research design to my two readers (or dissertation committee members.  They have already read my draft proposal and will share with me the changes that I need to make.  After the hearing and defense, I will have 30 days to revise my work and resubmit a clean copy.  This copy will go through another round of reviews and alterations.

The whole process will come to a close in October if the faculty and VP approves my prospectus and gives me the green light to begin the actual research.  Then a whole new process starts which will hopefully lead to May ’09 graduation.

We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Prospectus Hearing & Defense

  1. Congrats bro! All I got was an email from Dr. BR saying, “we got it.” Before that, I got one from my second reader who said, “Am i on your committee?” Glad somebody is hearing something! Hope the transition is going well. Pray for us … still waiting!

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