Memories on Main Street Pt. 1

Over the next couple days, I am going to be sharing some of my favorite Main Street memories.  There is no way I could write them all, but I just felt compelled to reflect on some of my favorites. 

Memories on Main Street Part 1:

  1. Meeting the staff for my interview and messing up the word “sieve,” thinking it was “salve.”
  2. Sharing an office with Pastor Bob for my first year.
  3. Preaching my first sermon at Main Street called “Grandparents: God’s Original Social Security.”  The second message was called “Anger: The Warning on My Label.”
  4. Working in the evenings on the new building.  Painting walls, shoveling trash, and scraping cement floors.  Such excitement and unity.
  5. Encircling the old building in prayer and then caravanning to the new building for the first worship service in November 2004.
  6. Playing drums in the praise band and keyboards for the Easter presentations.
  7. Writing songs with Phillip.
  8. The annual staff retreats:  Seeing Diana Reis scale a 60 ft. wall, firing tomatoes from a sling shot, eating trail mix, and naming the new building classrooms.
  9. Seeing 72 people leave for the gulf on an intergenerational mission trip after hurricane Katrina.
  10. Seeing over 200 people come out for Mission 41001.
  11. Seeing over 1500 people come to the Great Harvest.
  12. Seeing people walk on water during the Immersion Easter presentation.I better stop for now, I am getting upset.  More memories to come.

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