20 Years of Summer Missions

What do you like to do during the summer?  Take a vacation?  Get a tan?  Grill out on the barbie?  For me, summer time has always been a season for missions.  In looking back over my life in Christ, God seems to use the summer to send me to do His work.

Here is where God has sent me so far:
1987 – I received Christ as my Savior and Lord at Lewisport Bapt. Church, Lewisport, KY.
1988 – I attended Childrens Missions Camp, Schafer Baptist Camp, Pellville, KY.  Met my first missionaries.
1990 – Youth Mission Trip, New Bern, NC.
1991 – Youth Centrifuge Camp, Mobile, AL.
1992 – Youth Mission Trip, Whitesburg, KY.
1994 – Summer Staff, Schafer Baptist Camp, Pellville, KY.
1995 – Summer Staff, Schafer Baptist Camp, Pellville, KY.
1996 – Summer Youth Director, Lewis Lane Bapt. Church, Owensboro, KY (first church position).
1997 – SonPraise Youth Revival Team & Camp Staff at Cedarmore & Jonathon Creek Camps in KY.
1998 – God Rules Summer Missions Team – 12 weeks, 17 different states from Maine to Texas.
1999 – Construction Team, San Pietro, El Salvador (met my wife on this trip).
2001 – Backyard Bible Clubs, Georgetown, TX (serving now at FBC Millsap, TX).
2002 – Sports Camp, Corpus Christi, TX (serving now at Trinity BC, Fort Worth, TX).
2003 – Backyard Bible Clubs, Georgetown, TX .
2003 – Sports Mission Team, Denia, Spain.
2004 – Evangelism Team, Valetta, Malta (serving now at Main Street Church).
2006 – Evangelism Team, Naples, Italy.
2007 – Middle School Mission Trip, Eatonton, GA (filling in for our Youth Pastor).

2008 – Preparing to relocate to Campbellsville University.  A huge mission in itself.
In reflecting over these years, I am so amazed at how God has used each of these experiences to teach me more about the Cross, His love, the Gospel and His desire for us to spread the Good News to the lost.  I can’t wait to see where God leads in the next 20 years of summer missions.

One thought on “20 Years of Summer Missions

  1. i can’t believe i missed out on hanging with you in N.KY! I’ll just have to look you up when i’m home visiting in C-ville. All the best!!


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