A College Microwave

A word of thankfulness goes out to Mr. John Mark Gaddis, cardiac rehibiliation specialist, originally from Campbellsville, KY, but now residing in sunny Tyler, TX.  John is a dear friend who is married to the beautiful Becky Gaddis and together they have three sons: Drew, Grayson and Monroe (Roe for short).  You can see all kinds of pictures of the Gaddis family at http://gadiknights.blogspot.com.

But the word of thanks has nothing to do with John himself, per se.  It has to do with the college microwave his parents purchased for him back in the fall of 1994.  Nearly 15 years ago, John received a college-sized microwave to take with him to school.  The original members of Suite 201, Southhall East, (John Mark Gaddis, “Jader” Rose, Kevin Bartholomew Propes, and Brad “Sumo” Bonds) all selected various appliances which they would bring with them to the dorm.  John drew the microwave.  And from that selection, a legacy was born.

That little college microwave served John well during his 4 years at Campbellsville University.  After that, the microwave traveled to Tyler, TX, and to the University of Texas at Tyler, where John did his graduate studies.  Shortly there after, I moved to Fort Worth, TX, to go to seminary.  John moved in with a roommate who had a nicer microwave, so John gave his college microwave to me as a loaner.

It is now 2008 and I still have the college microwave.  It still works.  I still heats a perfect cheese hotdog.  It still burns popcorn.  The timer no longer works.  You just have to guess.  It is leaking some sort of fluid that looks like years of grease build-up, but it keeps zapping our foods to near perfection.

There will come a day when this college microwave will have to be put out of its misery.  I don’t think they are really made to last more than 15 years.  That will be a sad day indeed.

So to the college microwave that will now return with me to Campbellsville, KY, to John Mark Gaddis, who has shared with me his life, laughter and kitchen equipment, and to the original members of Suite 201, who enjoyed this little appliance first, I tip my hat to each of you in thanks.  The legacy of the college microwave lives on.

John put a sticker on top of the microwave during his years at CU.  Bartok the Bat from the movie Anastasia.  That is how old this little microwave really is.

Bartok from the movie Anastasia

Bartok from the movie Anastasia

2 thoughts on “A College Microwave

  1. I had a cheese hotdog (i’ve never seen that you can get them with cheese at some places) in NYC last week. Did not hold a candle to the cheese dogs of the gaddis household.

    The Anastasia addition was hilarious to this post!

  2. At home we have a microwave that is over 24 years old and is still in daily use -there is hope yet for your college microwave.

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