The Flat Mat

We spent our first night in our new house last night.  Kind of a campout situation since most of our belongings would not arrive until Saturday.

We had packed Ethan, his playpen, Isaac, his napper, and for us, our soft, plush Queen-sized Air Mattress.  A relaxing oasis to collapse into after a day of hard cleaning, signing papers, and scrubbing the walls.

Only one problem, our air mattress sprung a leak…a big one.  The sucker was flat in no time.  So while the boys were resting sounding in their bedrooms on comfy little cots, Jennifer and I were basically sleeping on the floor.  No cushion for aching muscles.  No first night bliss.  We got a cold, hard floor. 

Oh, by the way, we forgot to bring our blanket.  So we had to snag two of the baby’s itty-bitty blankets that covered our shoulders.

All in all, our first night in the new house was…stiff.

One thought on “The Flat Mat

  1. Oh, the memories! We’ve done the same, but our mattress didn’t spring a leak. Hope your second night there is better.

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