Tractor Test Drive

Tales from a Small Town No. 2
Tractor Test Drive

Tonight I was working in the garage, unpacking more boxes when I heard a strange sound.  I heard a muffled engine and what sounded like large tires crunching the pavement.  Now we live in-town.  We live two blocks from the major highway that cuts through Campbellsville.  What could this sound be?

Well, a minute or two later, I see a big, green, John Deere tractor cruising down my neighborhood street.  In my head I thought, “Huh, he must be trying to avoid the highway traffic and is instead using the neighborhood roads to get to his fields.”  But then 10 minutes later, the man and his tractor came roaring down my street again.  He had his pressed white t-shirt on, a nice pair of blue jeans, a well-worn John Deere hat, and a cig hanging from his lips. 

As I watched him go by, I noticed he was checking the gauges, testing out the brakes, and changing gears.  You know what he was doing?  He was test driving that tractor.  He was taking it out for a spin.  Now that is something you only see in a small town.

2 thoughts on “Tractor Test Drive

  1. Wait until the 4th of July parade! At least it used to be one of the longest parades I’ve ever seen – because everyone in Taylor County drives their tractor in the parade. You’ve never seen so many in one place.

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