5 Years of Technology

Five (only 5) years ago I was entering my last semester in seminary.  Jennifer and I were still living in Fort Worth, TX, in a 600 square feet apartment.  We had only been married for a couple years.  No kids.  She was making the majority of our income.  I was a part-time Youth Minister and a full time student.  She was a full time case manager and a part-time student.  That was only five years ago.

A lot has changed.  But more than in just our family, city of residence, careers, etc.  Consider how much technology has changed in only 5 years. 

Five years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was, much less have one.  I had never created or edited a web page.  We had ATM cards, but no on-line banking.  We had a cellphone, but it was the first generation Nokia phone with barely an address book and the game “Snake” (which I played a lot).

If you would have asked, “What’s on your i-Pod?”  I would have looked at you crazy.  Or if you asked if I had seen that video on YouTube, I would have laughed because no one but the uber-computer geek, gamers had dsl.  Even at my church, we only had dial-up.  One person at a time using the internet in a multi-staff church.  I didn’t google anything.  I still used Yahoo!.  I had one email account–my school account.  Now I have at least 5 different email accounts I keep up with.  Facebook wasn’t even a word 5 years ago.  The amount of change in technology in only five years is staggering.  I could go on and on with examples of this: blackberrys, text messaging, online classes, Skype, GPS, Google Earth, eBay businesses.

Five years seems like an eternity ago but it was only 60 months.  It was the year 2003.  But doesn’t it seem so far removed.  My encouragement – put down the technology for a minute and smell the roses.

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