Students Have Arrived

This morning while in worship at Campbellsville Bapt. Church, I got my first sight of our CU student-athletes.  Probably 225 students were in attendance.  180 of them were football players.  Women’s volleyball, men’s & women’s soccer, cross-country, and the golf teams.  My heart started to pitter-patter as I looked at their faces.   

These are the students I have come to encourage, influence and hopefully, teach.  These are the students who will be filling my Religion In Life class with serious questions about the Bible, about Christ, and about the Gospel.  These are the students who have come to play a sport on the college level, but hopefully will get more than just playing time.  We pray they leave Followers of Christ.  Either stronger than they came or for the first time.

These are the students God has entrusted to us, the faculty, coaches, and administration, to lead.  What a responsibility!  I can’t wait for classes to start.  I am giddy as a school girl.

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