Super Saturday

Tomorrow I will be at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, teaching two seminars for the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Super Saturday.  I am very excited about this opportunity.

The last time I was at St. Matt’s Bapts was when I was a CU student going to a BCM-Baptist Campus Ministries event (used to be BSU-Baptist Student Union).  It will be interesting returning to be leading seminars on Deacon Ministry.  How things can change in 10 years.

5 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. The Deacon Ministry sessions were too much fun. We had 21 in the first session, 30 in the second. All sorts of men from very different church, different backgrounds, different ethnicities. Ages ranged from mid-20’s to late 70’s.

    I am looking forward to the other Super Saturday events in September. Working with these men is such a blessing to me.

  2. Man! You knocked it out of the park yesterday! Thanks for all your preparation and your great spirit. We’ll try to get you a bigger room next time since you’re ssssssooooooooooo popular!

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