Fantasy Football Draft

I get pumped every year around this time.  The smell of football is in the air.

One of the best parts of the fall is playing Fantasy Football with my friends.  Our 12 team league is made up of CU Alumni or friends.  Most of us lived on the same floor in South Hall East dorm way back in the late nineties (expect for the two ladies, of course).

We drafted last night and I really did terrible.  I actually selected two people that had been cut from their current teams.  They are sitting at home, watching TV and I choose them to be on my fantasy team.  I am a moron and don’t stay up with all the actions.  I rely on other people to tell me what to do.

But in the end, I don’t play fantasy football to win a championship.  Winning would be nice, but more importantly, I love getting to connect with my friends who live all over the country.  Football brings people together.

Go Bengies!!!  Go Cowboys!!!  Go Druien Hall Druids (my team)!!!

One thought on “Fantasy Football Draft

  1. Hi Shane. Good blog. Always great to see another Brother-in-Christ enjoy fantasy football. Fantasy Football Hall of Fame®is my website, but not a huge cowboy fan here (Go Colts!)

    Anyway, take care – God Bless and have a great Fantasy Football season

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