Some Updates

A couple quick updates on recent posts.

Baby Camden Garrison.  My baby nephew Camden got home last Sunday from Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.  He has been diagnosed with seizures and has been placed on medicine.  The doctors were not able to find out what was causing the seizures to take place, but do believe they have them under control.  He is doing great and his parents are thrilled to have him home.

Dad (Danny) and Hurricane Gustav.  Dad survived his third massive hurricane in the gulf.  He is home now.  There was no major incidents to the boats or to his crew.

Drug Busts in My Neighborhood.  We still have not heard any news on our neighbors and their drug charges.  We check the newspaper’s court records each week looking for information, but nothing has turned up yet.

Isaac’s Big Birthday.  Isaac turned 3 last Saturday (August 30th).  I will have some pictures and video up real soon.  He got a new bicycle for his birthday along with an Elmo helmet and knee & elbow pads.  His cake was decorated with Cars.  To celebrate we went to the Tiger Football game and had a small little party.

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