Checking the Batteries

On Sunday evening, I was tucking Isaac into bed.  I had read him his story and we were finishing up our little routine.  He had his toy cell phone in the bed with him (taking calls all through my story, by the way).  Being a Christian dad and a “professional teacher,” I thought I could use the cell phone for a teachable moment on the way we pray to God.  My plan was to teach him that when we pray it is like calling God on the phone.  You know, we talk to God and God talks back to us.  It made perfect sense in my mind.

So I grab the phone and pretend to call God’s number – 777.  God answered and I was having a little conversation with God as Isaac watched and listened.

Then the moment I had wished for actually happened.  Isaac asked for the phone.  I just knew he was going to continue the phone conversation with God.  I couldn’t wait to hear what my 3 year old might say to his heavenly Father.  How deep would his prayer go?  Would he pray for his Mommy and Daddy?  Baby Brother?  Nana and Papaw?

Isaac takes the phone, closes it and turns it over to the backside.  I asked, “What are you doing son?”  His reply, “Checking the batteries.” 

That was the end of the teachable moment.

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