Night 2 in Hardin Memorial

It is Friday morning.  We stayed another night in Hardin Memorial Hospital for the doctors to keep an eye on Ethan.  He hasn’t had any more seizures since Wednesday.  The fever has spiked multiple times, but no seizures, which is a good thing.  It looks like he has the Roseola virus.  The doctor came this morning and will be sending us home later today.  Needless to say, we are relived that he has a childhood virus and not anything serious.

One nice part of this whole thing, I was able to go Black Friday shopping in E-town, instead of Campbellsville.  I got nearly everything done in less than 2 hours, plus hit Starbucks.  Sweet.

One not-so-nice part, we had Thanksgiving dinner from the hospital cafeteria.  Yummmm. 

We are so thankful that Ethan is doing better and that Isaac has been in great hands at Nana and Papaw’s house.  Probably not the way I had envisioned my Thanksgiving holiday, but God has provided all that we needed.

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