A Couple Firsts Complete

As of yesterday (Thursday), I completed my first semester of collegiate teaching.  Four classes taught and completed.  This week was my first Finals Week on the other side of the isle; from taker of the exam to giver and grader.  I have always loved Finals Week and this was no exception.  It is good to finish well.

Tonight, I will sit as a faculty member in my first graduation commencement.  Last spring, I presided over the first ever 5th grade commencement ceremony as the principal of the Main Street Christian Education Center, which was great.  But tonight, I join many of my former professors (now colleagues) in that long processional march down the center isle of the chapel in formal regalia to witness 137 CU student receive their diplomas.   Only two of my students will be walking tonight, but just being there is quite an honor.

I truly love this job!

One thought on “A Couple Firsts Complete

  1. Wow how time flies! Congratulations. Wow (did I just say that?). BTW I loved the BB court. You would get better gym time with a ping pong ball, bottle caps are VERY COOL but lost on owners under the age of seven! Great job Dad…those things will far outdo any class you will ever teach, in my opinion anyway. Never stop making stuff with the boys!

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