Living Grace Week 10

With two weeks to go, I am already starting to miss being at Living Grace Church.  I have really enjoyed being with this church.  But God has worked in providinga new pastor and leader for LGC.  Mr. Phillip Kelley will come this Sunday evening for a final meeting with the congregation and hopefully a vote of affirmation to become the new senior pastor.

But I have two weeks left to go, so this week we are beginning new series called My Social Networks.  We are going to be looking at how Christians should relate to one another.  Social networking, such as Facebook and MySpace, are all the craze.  But how should Christians network with each other?  How should we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ socially.

This week’s message is called “Ignorning a Friend Request.”  If you have Facebook, you know exactly what I am talking about.  We will be looking at Matthew 18:15-17 where Jesus teaches us how to accept a friend’s request for reconciliation.

One thought on “Living Grace Week 10

  1. Looking forward to listen to that sermon on the podcast. All your sermons tend to be some relevant to many events happening around today’s society and culture.

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