Semester No. 2 Begins

I start classes again today.  Actually, I substitute taught a grad class last night for a colleague, but that really doesn’t count.  Another great semester lies ahead.

I am really excited about this new batch of courses.  I have Teaching for Life Change, Spiritual Formation, 2 Religion in Life classes in person and 1 RNL online.

I have been looking forward to the Teaching for Life Change class since before I came to CU.  This class stokes my passion for training Christian teachers how to teach God’s word and God’s people.  I can’t wait.  This is my bread-n-butter class.

Spiritual Formation is a small group experience with a limited number of students.  We will study spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines and how one goes about fostering a renewed heart for God.  It should be a great time getting to know students on a very personal level.

Then Religion in Life.  Both in-person classes are full.   I have revamped the curriculum since last semester.  I am pumped and ready to tweek this gen. ed. courses for the maximum impact on student’s lives and souls.  We will have a good ride together.

Thank you all your prayers as God continues to shape this new ministry path He has set me on.

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