Hancock County Bound

I am heading out this weekend to the Blackford Breckenridge Associational DiscipleNow Weekend.  130 teenagers from Hancock and Breckenridge County will coming to Schafer Baptist Camp in Pellville, KY.  I along with 6 talented, Jesus-lovin CU students will be leading various aspects of the weekend.  I will be preaching at the Friday and Saturday night worships services and training the youth leaders during breakout sessions.

The theme for the DNow is Wanted: Dead or Alive from Romans 6:11.  My message Friday is Wanted: Dead.  Saturday, Wanted: Alive.  Not too fancy or creative I know.

I will also be preaching at my home church, Lewisport Baptist Church, on Sunday morning.  They are celebrating their 150th anniversary and have asked all their preacher boys to come back and lead over the year.  I am thrilled to get to go home and encourage both students and my home church in God’s Word. 

It should be a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Hancock County Bound

  1. Come on, Shane…who is singing it? You know what song. Who is singing it or playing it or where will it end up being played during the weekend??

    And they shouted to the heavens, “I’M A COWBOY!! ON A STEAL HORSE I RIDE!”

    • Well, the intro of the song was played a couple times. You know, the guitar intro. But the official Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive” was never played all the way through. These kids don’t even know who Bon Jovi is.

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