Hometown Ministry

Spending a weekend doing ministry in your hometown can be difficult to say the least.  Your name (e.g., Garrison) has nothing to do with your profession or credentials, but whom you belong to.  Who is your daddy?  Who is your grandaddy?  Who’s your brother?

But it gets even more difficult when people remember you as a kid and have pictures of you doing stupid stuff as a teenager.  I have a terrible trail of misfortune photos lying around HC.

I spent the weekend in Hancock Co, more specifically Pellville, KY.  Over 100 teenagers and 20 youth leaders from 15 churches in Hancock and Breckinridge counties converged for an associational DiscipleNow weekend.  The event was a huge success.  Our Campbellsville team did an amazing job leading the students.  I preached and taught the youth leader workshops.

The whole experience finished up at Lewisport Baptist Church.  I preached there Sunday morning.  It was so sweet to see  many dear faces, people who have invested much into my life.  The reunion was extra special in that my whole family was there as well.   The sermon was basically my story is sermon form.  The message was entitled “A Mother Church and a Motherless Child.”

Like Dorothy said, “There is no place like home.”

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