What Doesn’t Fit?

Remember those children’s games where you had to decide which part of the picture didn’t fit.  Well nothing more could describe this photo.

Photo by Andre Tomas

Photo by Andre Tomas

Far left – Shane Claiborne – New York Times best selling author, nationally known speaker, community activist, socially liberal, communal living, makes his own clothes, dreadlocks, do-rag.  Way cool.

Middle – Charlie Hall – Multi-CD recording artist and songwriter, Passion worship leader, author of songs sung in churches all over the world, rock-n-roll flair, cool goat-tee, sweet hat.  Even cooler.

And then there is me.  Shane Garrison – Christian college prof, known best for Sunday school training and church administration, , conservative republican, dress shirt and slacks, buzz cut hair, no hat, no books, no CD’s, no national notoriety. 

Which part of the photo doesn’t fit?  This proves that God can use all types of people, for all kinds of work, in all areas of His kingdom.

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