Generation X’s Contributions to the Evangelical Church

Not all of these are Gen. X-only inventions, but we have pushed and pushed for them to be fully embraced into the life of the 21st century American Evangelical mindset.  Some inventions are good.  Some, not so good.  Would you add any to my list?

1. Contemporary Christian Music in the Church (Tomlin, Redman, Dave Crowder)

2. Small Group Discipleship

3. Application-Driven Preaching

4. Preaching through Topical Series (i.e. family, marriage, finances, forgiveness)

5. Expanded Children’s Ministries & the Children’s Pastor

6. Sound & Lighting Technology in the Church

7. Modern Praise & Worship Movement (i.e. Praise Bands, no organ)

8. Ending of Revivalism and Evangelistic Crusades

9. Ending of Church Visitation Programs

10. New Church Names without Denominational Ties (i.e. The Bridge, Journey Church, LifeChurch, Mosaic)

11. The Missional Church Philosophy (being a missionary in your own neighborhood)

12. The Emergent Movement (postmodern approach to church life)

13. Re-embracing Calvinism & Reformed Theology (the opposite of the Emergent Movement)

14. Church Marketing & Branding (i.e. websites, ministry brands – Xtreme, 412 Student Ministry, Elevation)

15. Casual Dress on Sundays

16. Preaching with Movie Clips

17. No Pulpits

18. Pastors in Jeans and Sandals

19. Coffee House Ministry & Serving Coffee @ Church

20. Online Podcasts & Sermon Audio

21. Blogging Devotions & Commentary on Current Events

22. Creative Movement/Interpretative Dance

23. Ending of Denominational Loyalty (what fits my needs is what I seek)

24. Ending of Church Membership Loyalty (I can attend without being a member)

25. Words on the Screen (no hymnals in pews…wait, we don’t have pews either, we prefer stadium seating)

Generation X is leaving a major mark on the church.  The question is whether or not the mark is permanent or erasable.

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