What is Christian Maturity?

In their book A Theology of Christian Education (B&H Publishers 2008), authors James Estep, Michael Anthony and Gregg Allison list 15 characteristics for Christian maturity.  A very good list to gauge progressive sanctification and Christian spiritual maturity.

  1. Mature Christians have a thorough knowledge of Scripture.
  2. Mature Christians comprehend essential Christian doctrines.
  3. Mature Christians value Scripture and theology in their lives.
  4. Mature Christians are able to study Scripture for themselves.
  5. Mature Christians are able to think theologically about life decisions.
  6. Mature Christians practice a regular pattern of devotion.
  7. Mature Christians exhibit a loving relationship toward God, fellow Christians, and the community.
  8. Mature Christians affirm their commitment to Christ.
  9. Mature Christians exhibit high level of theologically informed moral reasoning.
  10. Mature Christians maintain a consistent Christian witness.
  11. Mature Christians commit themselves to a ministry in the church.
  12. Mature Christians develop their talents for Christian service.
  13. Mature Christians value ministry participation as a means of spiritual formation.
  14. Mature Christians demonstrate a Christian motive and rationale for serving as the church.
  15. Mature Christians participate in training and equipping for service provided by the congregation.

I see areas for much needed growth in my maturity in Christ.

One thought on “What is Christian Maturity?

  1. i would add that christian maturity includes an understanding of God’s passion for his glory among the nations in general and at least one foreign people group in particular. most american christians are not focused and knowledgable beyond the USA.

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