E is for Everyone

E is for Everyone

Our family has had a Wii for about a year.  In that time, my 4 year old son has become quite interested in video gaming.  Other than the Wii, he has a portable Leapster, which he plays in the car and while his brother is napping.  We watch his gaming time very closely and try to pay attention to his behavior before and after playing.

With the Wii has come the opportunity to go to the local video game store to buy/try out new games.  He knows without question, we only have E-rated games in our house.  “E is for everyone” is his quote as he looks at games he would like to try.

He knows that E10 (everyone over 10), T (teen), and M (mature) are not allowed in our house.

I believe we will keep the E rated games only rule as he continues to grow older.  I am sure he will play games at friend’s houses that are more advanced, but not in our home.

But more than just for him, E rated games are truly better for me as well.  What benefit does graphic violence have for my soul?  What fun can be had killing others in simulated environments?  Provocative pictures, blood, gore, and language add no value to my life, my ministry, my family, or my personal spiritual well-being.

E really is for EVERYONE.

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