The Age of the Medichurch

If the 90’s were the age of the megachurch, then the 10’s will be the age of the medichurch.  The medium-sized church will be the flavor of choice for many in the coming decade.  Medichurches, which have between 500-1000 in attendance, are the best of both worlds.

Financially the medichurch is healthy and can therefore provide certain amenities smaller churches can not afford.  Amenities such as nice childcare facilities, high def technology in worship, additional pastoral staff, and comfy seating are part of the decision making process.  These medichurches have resources to “do” ministry in their community and around the world without constant fund-raising and solicitation.  Because of the number of people resources, they can pull together and actually make a positive difference in their neighborhoods.

But more than anything else, the medichurch is big enough to be full, but not too big to get lost.  People in a megachurch (1500+) can get lost in the crowd.  Unless the megachurch has an effective process for moving the crowd into small groups, the backdoor of the church is very large.  In the medichurch, when you miss church, people still notice and ask.

Conversely, the smaller church (250 or less) is really going to struggle in the 10’s.  The consumer attitude of the American evangelical is making it more and more difficult for a seeking family to choose a smaller church over a medichurch knowing they have limited programs and potential.   Whether we like it or not, the “what’s in it for me” mentality is very present when outsiders are considering a new church home.  More so now than ever before.

Watch out smaller church and the megachurch, the medichurch is here to stay.

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